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Washington's #1 air quality solution for

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Authorized HealthWay Distributor

We're on the front line of the pandemic. See why New York and Chicago Public Schools, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Crouse Health, The Krebs Restaurants, and others trust us.


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“One of the world’s leading IVF thought leaders and medical experts, Dr. Robert Kiltz, stated “providing clean air environments and limiting exposure to ultrafine particles is a must during IVF cycles or during any time that one is trying to conceive.” After having our offices evaluated and installing HealthWay air purifying systems, we immediately noticed an enhanced level of wellness and air quality. I would highly recommend these machines to any family trying to conceive. HealthWay Air Cleaning systems are individually tested and proven to be 40 times more efficient than HEPA air cleaners at capturing the most dangerous lung penetrating particles and you can truly notice the difference this solution makes over other products on the market.”

Dr. Robert Kiltz | The country’s top IVF expert and practitioner / CEO of CNY Fertility

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Why #SanctuAire has the most effective solutions

After years of research, our team of experts have found the most advanced technologies to make any workspace safe from pollution, viruses, and bacterias. 

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Consultation with air quality experts

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Deep research

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Personalized solution

White glove


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Innovative, safe, and efficient solutions

Tested and certified results

Friendly on the environment

Why your workplace needs our solution

The most advanced air purification systems

Deluxe Pro Portable

Disinfecting Filtration System

This professional multistage air purification system features proprietary DFS technology, which traps and eliminates potentially harmful ultrafine particles in just 30 minutes.

Less dust and dander, pollen, dust mite waste, bacteria, mold, fungi, and virus protection

Captures 40x smaller-sized ultrafine particles than HEPA filters

Removes 99.99% of particulates @ 0.007 micron


Reduces bioburden and inhibits microorganism growth through microbiostasis condition.

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Multiple Fan Speeds - four speeds for ease of control

Delivers high CFM with low energy consumption

Ease of Maintenance – quick release filter access from the back side of the unit

99.99% DFS Filtration Efficiency – down to a size of 0.007 microns

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Commercial Portable

Air Purification System

This revolutionary technology traps microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and viruses. It also reduces bioburden and inhibits microorganism’s growth through Microbiostatic condition, resulting in the most powerful indoor air purification in the world.

Biozone Tabletop

Air Purifier

Instantly makes the air in small spaces healthier than at the top of Mount Rainier. Perfect for the areas with high traffic, weak airflow, or high outdoor air exchange.

Reduction in airbourne microorganisms, chemicals, offensive gases odors and smoke

Reduces bioburden and inhibits
microorganism growth 

Compact, ultra slim design

Particle efficiency - 99.99% @ 0.007 micron

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Effective solutions against all types of biological and chemical contaminants

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Effective against
COVID-19 and other viruses

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Increase learning speeds and neuron growth 

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Controls molds in

the building

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Boost cognitive performance as much as 100-300%

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Decrease impact of

allergies and asthma

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